Costume Makers U.K.-Theatrical And Dance

When it comes to the world of dance costumes, most of us are simply admiring spectators. We, as audience members and adoring fans, throng to dance performances for many, many reasons. Dance theatres simply hold a fascination for the public. Not only do we become enchanted by the music, storyline and dance movements of  those on stage, we become riveted by some of the fantastic theatrical costuming.

Dance Costume Variations Are As  Numerous As The Stars In The Sky

Just as there are millions of stars in the galaxy, there are an endless variety of ways to express the dance arts through a costume. Not only are theatrical costumes unique, designing them calls for a great deal of experience with different methods of  cutting, measuring, sewing and decorating challenging fabrics. Ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, lyrical and gymnastics all call for a unique expertise in the field of costume making.

Is There A Difference Between Theatrical And Classical Costume Making?

Is a classical ballet tutu considered a type of theatrical costume? Generally, a theatrical costume is considered a garment that will be worn by a performer on stage in front of an audience. In that sense, a ballet tutu is a theatrical costume for the ballerina. Because each dance genre uses different types of fabrics to achieve a certain look, there is a big difference between constructing a tutu versus a leotard or character dress.

Costume Makers In The U.K. Specialising In Many Forms Of Dance Genre Dancewear

It takes a great deal of skill and experience to work with different types of materials used for bespoke dancewear. There is a big difference in the handling of tulle compared to the stretchiness of a fabric like cotton spandex or lycra. Only a costume making company with years of experience can create professional costumes in many different styles and fabrics.

Theatrical Tap Costume
Theatrical Tap Ensemble by Costume Creations UK

When it comes to expertise in costume making for theatre and dance, the choice is Costume Creations  U.K. As any reader who comes to this website can see, Costume Creations U.K. is already a leader in the field of making exquisite professional-grade tutus for dancers in the London area.

Any type of dance genre costume that requires perfection of fit, theatrical flair and amazing stage presence can be acquired by simply contacting Costume Creations UK for a private consultation. The rest of us can just sit back and wait for the show to begin..

“It doesn’t matter where you are on the stage, just as long as you’re there.” – Author Unknown-



  1. Thank you. Yes as you point out the materials and use of them are very different for all costumes. It does take a lot of understanding on the part of the costumier to get the fit right on a stretch costume compared to a fitted type, as well as understanding how the costume will suit the child, the music, choreography and lighting. I loved the quotation you added – how nicely symbolic – particularly for young performers.

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