Couture Dancewear Shops-Coventry And West Midlands Area

The world of couture dancewear is very specialised and precise. There are several dancewear shops sprinkled throughout the West Midlands and Coventry area. Many just offer factory-made jazz clothing, ballet shoes and dance accessories for students. The shops who specialise in bespoke dancewear are harder to find.

Dancer’s who must have a professional grade costume for a performance are seeking out the couture talents of Monica Newell, the head designer of Costume Creations U.K., for their dancewear needs in the West Midlands and Coventry areas.

Couture Dancewear Beauty West Midlands

Why do the choosiest ballet dancers who live in the Coventry and West Midlands area insist on bespoke dancewear ? The ballerina and her costume designer have one of the most important relationships in the ballet world. This relationship can last an entire career. As the young dancer grows, it is her costume designer that adjusts and readjusts her performance costume to guarantee an impeccable fit every time.

Bespoke Perfection For The Ballet Dancer

Classical Tutu by Costume Creations UK, West Midlands
Bespoke Perfection by Costume Creations U.K.

What is bespoke perfection? It is the finished product of many hours of hand-sewing. It is the clever, magical, beautiful combination of colours and textures and trims. The art of ballet performance would not be as breathtaking without the original designs of made-to-order dancewear like classical tutus.

Ballet students and dancers in the Coventry and West Midlands area that are ready for a performance can find the experienced couture designer they need when they schedule a professional fitting with Costume Creations U.K.

The result? Dancewear of the highest professional grade design like this stunning pink and cream classical tutu with strategically placed embellishments of romantic, silvery trim.  This is bespoke perfection.


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  2. how much is this tutu, its amazing, its beautiful, is there any chance that i could buy this? what size woulod this be?x

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