Classical Tutu Design-Royal Turquoise Beauty

Turquoise Ballet Costume by Costume Creations UK
Airbrushed Tutu Design by Costume Creations U.K.

Do you find that colors speak to you? Some shades produce feelings of calm or restfulness. Other colors can cause excitement and an increase in appetite. When it comes to choosing colors for theatrical costumes, this natural human response to color can become part of why a certain role is danced in a certain shade.

Color Choices That Suit Classical Ballet

Choosing colors for a ballet costume is just as exacting as getting the right fit. The choices of shades can vary depending on whether the performance is a classical ballet dance or a very modern one. Some colors are rarely seen in classical ballet tutus, like chartreuse or shocking orange. I’m sure they are around, but I don’t recall seeing many.

This tutu  is beautiful. The airbrushed detailing makes it even more spectacular. It  has all the elegance of the classical style combined with the visual impact of blending turquoise and white in such a creative way. The shade combination looks fresh, subdued and yet energetic at the same time.

The Meaning Of The Color Turquoise

Turquoise Crown
Napoleon's Crown Set With Persian Turquoise

In ancient times, turquoise was considered the color of royalty, wealth and wisdom. Today, it is considered the color of non-verbal communication of feelings and of creative expression. Perfect for ballet performances!

Turquoise has that magical mix of  serene sky blue combined with the mysterious energy of a green sea. It has a calming effect like blue does, but also more energy because of the sea green. Turquoise is also a very feminine shade. This ballet costume is a visual dream come true in shades of pristine white and royal turquoise.



  1. thank you for this lovely review! I love the comparison to the beautiful colours of the sea. I loved that exquisite crown of Napoleon. I love making Tiaras – I am going to try and make time to make them more.

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