Tutu Designs With Dimensional Style

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Traditional, Royal, Yet Modern And Fresh Design

Velvet fabric is aristocratic, rich and regal. Airbrushing is modern and fresh . Combine the two and what do you get? The most visually appealing kind of stage drama for a classical ballet tutu design.

The play of dark bodice fabric above the two-toned airbrushed tutu skirt makes this ballet costume dimensional and so interesting to look at. It draws attention  to itself in very artistic ways. The eye is drawn to the dancer’s waist by the rich, red color of the perfectly fitted bodice contrasting with the pure white of the inner tutu skirt. Wow. I must say this is  a stunner  of a color combination. Pure impact in every sense of the word.

Dimensional Tutu Decorating Extraordinaire by Costume Creations UK

Professional ballet couture designers like Monica Newell of Costume Creations U.K., know exactly how much to add and where exactly to place the trims on a ballet costume so there is neither too much nor too little in the way of  embellishments. They have a special knack for what I call “icing the cake”. Only their cake happens to be stunningly gorgeous  ballet tutus that are made exclusively as couture by appointment.

It can take years  of experimentation to learn how to properly “apply the icing” for a professional looking costume each and every time. The classical tutu design above has a beautiful play of textures, colors and meandering embellishment patterns that make it a complete winner in the costume design world.

As usual, this costume style has nothing but the best examples of what makes watching a ballet performance so beautiful, interesting and awe-inspiring.  Imagine a corps of dancers in lovely airbrushed tutu skirts in something like the Shades Variations. Gorgeous! Let the show begin…….

“You translate paint to fabric, somebody gets into it and the ballet begins.” -Alain Vais



  1. Monica i just wanted to let you know the wonderful comments that were made about your tutu at the International ballet championships…..everyone who saw it were in awe of its beauty…..Georgia looked so stunning on stage…thank you so much .

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