Frilly Tutu Skirts-The Epitome Of Ballerina Beauty

Frilly Tutu Skirt by Costume Creations UK
Frilly And Fabulous Tutu Skirt by Costume Creations UK

Some tutu skirts are simply so fluffy and so beautifully frilly that they appear to have a life of their very own. Nowhere is this more apparent than the tutu skirts that are gracefully dancing out of the Costume Creations studio.

Constructing such a full and wonderfully layered tulle skirt adds so much beauty to the ballerina’s overall appearance. Even though there is layer upon layer of pretty pink tulle, the effect is one of feather-lightness and cloud-soft prettiness.

Standing alone, this wonderfully fluffy  pink ballet costume would appear as a pink carnation  or a delicious cone of sweet cotton candy. Worn by a dancer on stage, this skirt would bring to mind an enchanted field  where pink carnations  come to life with a sudden breeze  and joyfully pirouette around showing off their frilly petals.

Whether the young, pretty ballerina in this photo is portraying a living flower or not, she looks as beautiful as a bouquet. I believe the magic of ballet costume design  is how it can stir the emotions and stimulate the imagination of those who look upon the finished costume with wonder.

Here’s to the lovely world of frilly tutus that grow in the design garden of  Costume Creations U.K.



  1. I love that frilly effect., it’s lovely! I imagine that when very young girls dream about becoming a ballerina, it would include dancing in the fluffiest, frilliest tutu skirt they can think of. Especially a pink one like this 🙂

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