Pink And Silver Splendor For The Royal Ballet

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Classical Tutu In Pink With Silver Trim

When it comes to classical tutu style, the feminine color of pink is one of visual beauty. The ballerina dressed in pink represents all things ballet. Especially when gilded with the splendor of beautiful silver trim. The couture ballet costume above  has been given a light touch of strategically placed sparkle by the addition of silver embellishments on pale pink tulle.

The effect is one of softness and charm that brings to mind dew-covered rose petals that sparkle in the early morning sun. Total stage magic at its best. The lovely pink and silver classical tutu above was hand-designed by Costume Creations U.K. for a Royal Ballet Associate.

The Royal Ballet Associate

What exactly is a Royal Ballet Associate?  The Royal Ballet Associate Program allows young dancers between the ages of 8 -15  to receive extended classical ballet training using the methods of The Royal Ballet School tradition.

Ballet students also continue  training at their regular schools at the same time. The program consists of different levels of ballet training according to the age group. This program is for ballet students who are serious about a career as a professional dancer.

Visit The Royal Ballet Associate Program for more information.


Watching the posture, body movements and dedication of The Royal Ballet Students in class is inspiring. Their professionalism and hard work is, indeed, the hallmark of any  great ballet dancer. They strive for perfection with each and every movement.



  1. The world of professional ballet is so interesting….especially watching how the young students train. I would love to visit The Royal Ballet School in person 🙂

    • I think they are quite welcoming to interest. They allow teachers to come and watch who have prosepetive pupils and they have the Royal Ballet School Matinee at the Opera House in July.

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