Ballet Couture-Backstage With Costume Creations

Ballet Couture Tutus by Costume Creations UK
Ballet Couture by Costume Creations U.K.

For those of us who haven’t the faintest idea what ballet costume designers actually do, this photo gives a great indication.

A ballet couture specialist seems to follow the client through all phases of costume measurement, planning, constructing, fitting, adjusting and attending to the final theatrical details of the desired look that needs to be obtained.

We can imagine there is great satisfaction on the part of the designer and the ballerina when the costume is finally complete and fitted to perfection.

Apparently, the end of costume construction is the beginning of another series of activities that all young ballerinas and dance moms cherish. The backstage photograph.

In beautiful pictures like the one above, memories of wearing and dancing in a lovely couture tutu will be forever captured on film. Do retired ballerinas ever look through old photos of themselves when they were young, hopeful ballet students? They probably do. There, they can reminisce about their first performance. They can remember the challenges and excitement of winning a dance competition for the first time. The best part about a backstage photo? The costume will forever remain a special part of that dancers life, no matter how old she gets.

Youth and beauty go hand in hand…..none more so than the lovely young ballerinas in the photo above


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