The Ballerina-A Portrait Of Perfection

Classical Tutu's For GirlsLearning The Presentation Of  Ballet Elegance

The photo above of these two beautiful, young ballerinas is a wonderful example of regal ballet elegance. Both are wearing their custom-designed classical tutus by Costume Creations. Each dancer has accentuated her beauty and stage presence by choosing accessories that enhance the loveliness of the ballet costume.

When these two young dancers look back on this photo years from now, they can be proud to know how well they represented the elegance and charm of the ballerina. Even though both are very young, they are the portrait of perfection.

When we look upon the young dancer, we never know if we are looking at the next Margot Fonteyn or Agnes Letestu. The future of all ballet performances belongs to them and we, as audience members can be grateful that they have chosen to dedicate themselves to such an exacting art form at such a young age.

“Elegant things exhibit refined grace and dignified propriety”. Wikipedia



  1. Was just thinking, what a great saying, we as audience members should be grateful that they are dedicated to art at such a young age and so true…

    • Monica. After my girl finished her weekend at festivals – she said ‘I felt like my tutu gave me magic in my performance today’. I hope she always feels the magic of dance especially when she puts on a tutu created just for her. We will treasure this first one for many years. Thank you Monica.

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