Classical Performance Tutus-Head To Toe Coordination Counts

Classical Dance Competion Tutu by Costume Creations
Head To Toe Beauty

Dance Competition Couture Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.

One of the things that makes a dance competition ballerina have the look of a winner is knowing how to choose the proper accessories. An expensive couture tutu can be enhanced by the right choice of accessories. Wearing the wrong accessories with a performance tutu can seriously detract from the beauty of the costume and from the professionalism of the dancer herself.

Check The Tone Of Shoes And Tights

There So Many Different Tones Of Pink In Tights And Ballet Shoes

One of the biggest challenges that a dancer faces is choosing the right shade and tone of tights and shoes. Not only should they match the color palette of the performance tutu, they should coordinate perfectly with each other. As you can see by the photos above, the color “ballet pink” means different things to different countries, brands and dance apparel manufacturers.

Mix And Match Buying Can Sometimes Cause Color Confusion

Many ballet students shop for accessories and shoes that they can find at a discount. One might get ribbons on sale from Grishko, tights from Capezio, pointe shoes from Russian Pointe and elastic from Freeds. Once the items are home, the student realizes she has 4 differing shades of pink that don’t match each other. If at all possible, try buying shoes, tights and elastics from the same manufacturer.

Match The Tone Of The Tights And Shoes  For The Most Professional Look

Ballet tights that have orange undertones worn with ballet shoes that are a blue-based pink will look unkempt. If the tights are more on the nude-pink side, peachy-pink shoes would look better. Blue-based pink shoes look better with rose-pink tights.

Of course, with so many different shade variations of accessories to choose from, it can be more time-consuming  to perfectly match shades. It will be worth it when the dancer ends up looking like a regal, royal and elegant princess on the stage during her performance.

Carefully chosen accessories will enhance the beauty of the classical tutu and present a stunning appearance from head to toe.


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  1. Thank you for giving so much help and information on the subject of matching tights and shoes. It is so difficult to get the opportunity to see the available colour options. Of course the internet is great but cannot “replace the good old days” of ballet shops where you could see and try on shoes and tights.

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