12 comments on “Double Hand-Pleated Tutu Skirts

  1. I’m a fashion designer, and I’ve been asked to make some classical tutu’s for a ballet production. I’ve made kilts and spanish costumes, but classical tutu’s are another kettle of fish. I’m sure I can manage the bodice from pictures, but I’d love to get a pancake tutu skirt pattern and tutu panty construction instructions! Do you know where I can get them?

  2. I am very sorry Katherine but every tutu has to be cut differently for each dancer otherwise they will not sit or look right.. It is not just pattern cuttting, the whole aspect of the ballet, the dance, and the dancer requires a lot of consideration and experience.

  3. I’m making my first tutu. Do you double pleat all layers? I have all layers double pleated but am finding some people saying to only do the top 3 so the tutu isn’t too heavy. Don’t know what to do, leave it or take out the bottom layers and just single pleat. I want a strong tutu that will stand up to partnering. My daughter is dancing Aurora and I am making the party tutu and the wedding tutu. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  4. My dancer is 16 and dancing with the Asheville Ballet in NC. They are doing the full Sleeping Beauty. Since I already have all layers double pleated, will it work if I use them that way or do I need to redo several layers.

  5. Am waiting for a tutu making course to come up. Meanwhile I’m practising. What width should the double pleats be? It looks like there are different ways of making the pleats double. Is there a correct way?

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