5 comments on “Strapless Ballet Tutus-Can They Work?

  1. So glad you wrote about this. I have very strong opinions on Ballet Films. I think only a Ballerina can portray a Ballerina, and as you very clearly demonstrate in this topic, the Dress would not have worked on a real Ballerina in a real Ballet. The Red Shoes worked, I must admit I havent seen this film in its entirety but I know I would be irritated.

  2. After this movie came out, I noticed many searchers on Google looking for strapless tutus which definitely doesn’t work for real ballet 🙂

  3. Hollywood are always trying to uncover as much as possible of the female body. A strapless tutu is a terrible idea and a real ballerina would not be in it very long before the inevitable and embarrasing exposure took place.

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