Classical Tutus-The Joy Of Wearing Ballet Couture

The Joys Of Wearing A Ballet Costume Made Just For You

The expression on this dancer’s face says so much. She looks very self-assured, poised, and wonderfully elegant. I don’t think this beautiful ballerina would look so confident if she felt that the appearance of her ballet costume were lacking.  Women know when they look their most becoming. Ballet dancers, in particular, find strength, courage, and energy through the beauty of their costumes.

Pale Blue Classical Tutu made by Costume Creations.UK
Custom-made Classical Tutu by Costume Creations.UK

Wearing Ballet Couture Has Special Meaning

Couture, or custom-designed ballet costumes that are made especially for the dancer are in their own right fashion originals. Realizing that a designer spent days, even weeks painstakingly constructing a garment just for you is enough to make anyone feel incredibly special.

I found this quote on the Dance Magazine website which sums up the joy and magic that dancers feel wearing their beautiful costumes:

“A tutu is more than just a bodice connected to layers of tulle. It’s an extension of a ballerina’s being, capable of mesmerizing audiences of all ages. A dancer can be transformed into a swan, a ghost, and, of course, a princess”. -Lynn Colburn Shapiro, Dance Magazine.

Her Dance Magazine interview with 8 professional ballerinas shows the deep connection that ballerinas have with their costumes. Each dancer  offers her personal thoughts and feelings about her costumes.  From these personal interviews one can see that the magic and splendor of a beautiful ballet costume never grows old in the eyes of a dancer.

You can read Lynn Colburn Shapiro’s interesting interviews with these 8 ballerina’s in the October 2008 issue of Dance Magazine.

Happy New Years To All From Tutu-Love 🙂


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