The Ballet Bodice Beautiful

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Why Should Tutu Skirts Get All The Attention?

If you are one of the lucky few who has been to see a ballet performance live, which part of the ballerina’s costume do you tend to focus on the most? For me, I notice the way the dancer’s tutu skirt bounces up and down during her movements.  The frilly, fluffy tutu skirt wants to be the star of the show.

Because of this, I decided to dedicate this post to the beauty of another part of the costume; the bodice.The bodice of a ballet costume is where fascinating design techniques can be seen.

The Bodice Is A Blank Canvas

Here is where a costume designer can really use her skills and imagination. The choices and possibilities are endless. Silver and gold on white.  Blue on blue. Transparent crystals on pink.  Metallic trims making the bodice shimmer and shine on stage beneath the theater lights.

A bodice is really a blank canvas waiting to be painted with magic and touched with beauty. The bodices here are the perfect example of artistry, imagination and skill. The trims and embellishments swirl, twirl, and create shapes of their own. They dazzle with light and dimension. Each one is unique like a snowflake.

The trims, beading, embroidery and thread add opulent beauty by appearing like  flowers, vines, trellises, gilded leaves,climbing roses, sparkling gemstones, and all things regal and royal.

These unique and beautiful bodices made by Costume Creations UK began as blank canvases and ended up as individual works of art. Tres Magnifique!



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