The Beautiful World Of Swarovski Crystals

Daniel Swarovski
Daniel Swarovski 1862-1956

One of the worlds most breathtaking sites is  the shimmering display of light reflecting from a Swarovski Crystal embellished costume. These magnificent crystals can be seen on ballet costumes, evening gowns, shoes, jewelry, and even wall art.

Any basic item can be transformed into a sparkling gem by the application of Swarovski Crystals. Even a plain cell phone can be given added richness by gluing reflective crystals over the surface.

Where Do Swarovski Crystals Come From?

Have you ever wondered about the origins of this fabulous crystal? These lovely crystals originated in the mind of a glass cutter’s son, Daniel Swarovski, way back in 1892. Daniel and his father operated a glass cutting business in Austria where Daniel invented and patented a special machine to cut the crystals into specified sizes.

You may also hear these crystals being referred to as Austrian crystals. The Austrian crystal is considered the finest in the world. I agree. These crystals are simply stunning to look at.

How Austrian Crystals Are Created

Over at the Swarovski factory in Wattens, Austria, the machine-cut crystals now rely on technology. The company uses computers to calculate the proper amount of facets and polishing technique for maximum brilliance of each stone. Using computers also helps produce stones that are exact in size. What did they do with Austrian crystals before the invention of machine polishing and cutting?

Daniel Swarovski would be amazed at how far technology has come with the technique of using machines to cut and polish crystal stones.

Types And Shapes Of Crystals

Swarovski crystals come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are cut into squares, beads, pearls, rounds, flat-backs, and an interesting shape called the bi-cone. What a glorious array of stone shapes! The decorating possibilities are endless with so many varieties of colors and shapes.


Swarovski Crystal-Cube Shaped


Look at those beautiful cubes. They almost look like candy. The reflective quality of the clear crystal cube is amazing.

Swarovski Pearls and beads
Pearls And Beads

Which one is your favorite? It would be so difficult to decide which one to choose if I could only choose one.

Swarovski Round and Bi-cone shaped crystals
Round And Bi-Cones

The Many Uses Of Swarovski Crystals

The Swarovski Company actually has many divisions within the company. The crystals are used for many other things besides embellishments and jewelry.Some of the crystals are used for industrial purposes like grinding, polishing and for components in everyday items like clocks and watches.

A Chunk Of Raw Lead

Swarovski Crystal Contains 30% Lead

When I read that, I had to go find out what raw lead looks like.  Only a real glass maker can guess the technique used to make a clear crystal from something that looks like this. I can only guess that a glass maker uses intense heat to change the chemical properties of gray lead into crystal clear glass. I will have to research that a little further.

When Daniel Swarovski invented and patented his crystal cutting machine, he changed the world of fashion and design forever. He left a lasting legacy of beauty and sparkle in this world. You can see the fabulous celebration of Swarovski sparkle at the Crystal Worlds or Swarovski Kristallwelten display in Austria.


  1. This is a fascinating , it explains why the crystals are so expensive. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to explain this to a customer, however the effect on stage of beautiful placed swarovski crystals is literally priceless and magical. The colour range is magnificent. One of the favourite things I enjoy about making costumes is choosing the crystals and watching the costume come to life as they all go on!

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