Tutu Couture-The Art Of Costume Design

When I hear the word couture, I picture the upscale boutiques of downtown Paris where fabulously wealthy women go to have their high-society ball gowns custom-made. The finest of fashion magazines show glossy photographs of models wearing haute couture clothing.  This unique clothing can come with hefty couture prices as well. To understand why couture can be costly we must first find out what couture design is all about.

What Does Couture Mean?

The word couture is a French word that can be defined as:

  1. The business of designing, making, and selling custom-made clothing
  2. A group of dressmakers and fashion designers
  3. The high-fashion garments  created by a designer

Not only is couture created in the fashion industry, but in the ballet costuming business as well.

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How Is Couture Different From Other Designs?

The very meaning of couture implies a garment that is first created in the designer’s mind and then made into a garment for just that person. It may be a single garment which would make it an original, or it could be a basic pattern for a collection. Experienced garment couturier’s can easily come up with specific designs based on their history of working with clients.

Garments that are not couture are machine-made in factories on assembly lines. The sizes are general and there are no variations. It doesn’t take long to figure out that some non-couture clothing styles just don’t work with every single body shape.

Women who have short legs and long torso’s may have a hard time finding the proper bathing suit. Others with wide shoulders and narrow hips may have  trouble finding a flattering dress.  Different than average measurements make many women run out and buy a sewing machine to adjust their clothing.

Hand Sewing And Home Sewing Projects Are Labor Intensive

Have you ever tried to make yourself a beautiful dress using a pattern?  By the time you oil and thread the machine, pick out the fabric, trims, buttons, zippers, iron out the pattern, cut out the pattern, pin the pattern, mark the pattern, shoo the pets away from the pattern and then sew a bit, measure a bit and then sew a bit more days have gone by.

All of this labor is what makes couture or hand-crafted work more costly. In my opinion, they deserve it. Unless you have been up to your ears with home-sewing projects, it may be hard to understand the work and time involved in making a professional-looking garment.

Tutu couture is the process of custom-making a tutu design especially for the needs of dancer. Every unique and wonderfully designed classical tutu made by Costume Creations.UK  is 100%  Couture.



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