Ballet Character Costumes For Girls

Character Ballet Costumes For Girls

From the moment I viewed this amazing video, I knew I would have to write about it. The very first thing that struck me about this beautiful dancer is the fact that she is only 10 years old and dancing on pointe so beautifully.

People will always debate whether a ballerina this young should actually be on pointe or not. I trust those issues to her accredited teacher and sincerely believe that some are naturally gifted and strong from a very young age. In my opinion and judging from this performance, she is every bit the professional dancer at the ripe old age of 10. Amazing isn’t it?

Not only does this young dancer have wonderful technique, the performance is made more beautiful by the romantic-style of her ballet costume. Can you imagine how busy costume designers must be to keep up with the costuming needs of all these ballets?

Character Costume by Costume Creations.UK
Character Costume by Costume Creations.UK

Character Costumes Play An Important Part In Each Individual Ballet

Ballet is an art that speaks to the heart without words. Each element of the dance is designed to convey a message or evoke an emotional response. The music, lighting, and scenery combine to create an atmosphere in the theater. Picture all of these elements together with the dancers out of costume. The entire effect would be lost.  The costumes can make or break the performance.

Designing Character Costumes Easily Takes Years Of Experience

The sheer multitude of ballets and their different costume requirements make being a custom designer immensely challenging.  You may receive a request for a classical tutu on Monday, a lyrical dress on Tuesday, a romantic character costume on Wednesday, and a specially embellished gymnastic leotard on Thursday.

The art of being able to create so many different variations of dance costumes at the drop of a hat is exactly that; an art. The costume designer uses needle, thread, and fabric to paint a lovely picture all of us can enjoy forever.


  1. What a lovely topic to write about! This little girl is absolutely delightful, I think the dance suits her beautifully, but also the dress is the most beautiful style for her. The bodice fits beautifully and the skirt moves beautifully too. I love making character costumes, I enjoy the detail that can make the costume work for the choreography and be visually enjoyable to the audience too.

  2. The brown character costume that you made here really has that old-world feel to it. I suppose a costume like this would give a break from hand-pleating tutus (for a few minutes anyway) 🙂

  3. This costume looks stunning on stage and moves beautifully as Francesca dances. The bodice fits a treat and the skirt moves in a dramatic way. Francesca loves this costume. Thank you Monica from Costume Creations for creating another master piece.

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