5 comments on “Ballet Character Costumes For Girls

  1. What a lovely topic to write about! This little girl is absolutely delightful, I think the dance suits her beautifully, but also the dress is the most beautiful style for her. The bodice fits beautifully and the skirt moves beautifully too. I love making character costumes, I enjoy the detail that can make the costume work for the choreography and be visually enjoyable to the audience too.

  2. The brown character costume that you made here really has that old-world feel to it. I suppose a costume like this would give a break from hand-pleating tutus (for a few minutes anyway) 🙂

  3. This costume looks stunning on stage and moves beautifully as Francesca dances. The bodice fits a treat and the skirt moves in a dramatic way. Francesca loves this costume. Thank you Monica from Costume Creations for creating another master piece.

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