Classical Tutu Design For Elegance

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Showstopping Champagne And Lace Tutu

The very first time that I saw this gorgeous creation I thought “rich and elegant”.  This costume is extremely flattering to the dancer. The champagne tones of the tutu skirt and the gorgeous satin bodice look beautiful on this young ballet student.

Nothing says rich like the color of champagne

The color of champagne is a warm, burnished shade of ginger/cream that gives fabric an heirloom appearance. It is a regal color used to describe things of immense value like champagne diamonds, or the paint finish of an expensive automobile.

It is the fine attention to detail that makes this classical tutu a winner. The young dancer in the slide show above looks like a queen wearing the color of champagne.  The satin bodice  is beautiful. The lace appliques along the top of the tutu skirt are perfectly placed. The fit of the costume is flattering and exact.

Bodice detail is designed for maximum stage presence

The striking bodice detail of this costume was created by using three different shades of Swarovski crystals. Using three coordinating shades of crystals causes a beautiful 3-D effect on stage under the lights. The dancer appears to be a living, moving diamond as her bodice embellishments sparkle under the glow of the stage lights. Doesn’t that sound like magic?

Champagne Wishes To The Young Ballerina Above As She Prepares For Her Dance Competition



  1. This design is a real beauty. I adore the champagne color, the lace, the satin, and the crystals. It is one GORGEOUS costume! I hope the pretty young ballerina wins her competition 🙂

  2. What a beautiful tutu. Can you make another to be sent to australia. could you please give me a price. thanks you!

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