Ballet Tutus Girls Love

Classical Tutu Design for girls

When little girls imagine themselves as ballerinas, I would venture to say that they picture something in pale pink or white before they picture any other color. A lovely white classical tutu sprinkled with fairy dust and magic.  Fitted to perfection and made especially for her.

The ballet tutu in the photo above was created for a six-year-old ballet student. I can’t think of anything more exciting for a young girl than to be the recipient and wearer of such a regal ballet costume.

Beautiful ballet tutus girls love always have that “princess” feel and look. A  tutu such as the one in the photo above transforms a small, plain six-year-old girl into looking like a member of the most prestigious ballet theater in Europe.

This is the best part about the classical ballet world in general; everything must achieve that “royal splendor”; including the costume of a six-year-old girl. Not many of us will have experienced wearing such an exquisite ballet costume at the tender age of six. I find it amazing  that a young girl of six who is barely ready for the first grade of school has already danced in a professional-grade ballet costume made just for her.

This lucky girl walked into the design studio at Costume Creations as a normal six-year-old girl, and walked out transformed into a unforgettable vision of loveliness. That’s magic!

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