Classical Tutu Construction-Magical Combinations

Classical tutu design
Tutu Design Magic

Looking at this photo and the way this costume was constructed I noticed a combination of design elements that make this ballet costume very unique. Starting at the top of the costume, I see that the bodice on this one has full coverage. The full, puffed sleeves and opaque torso give the top part of this costume a semi-peasant top quality. It also  has a romantic-style.

Coming down to the top of the tutu skirt, you see a beautiful, wide pink satin ribbon around the dancers waist. The ribbon element in this ballet costume is simply beautiful. The tutu skirt is embellished with lovely little rosettes of pink and blue which are also placed in the dancers hair to complete this magical look.

This ballet costume is very unique. I imagine this costume was created for dancing a specific role where the dancer was required to look romantic and spring-like. The ribbon around the dancers neck makes her look even more dramatic.

Ballet costumes that are designed with unique features like this one keep the magic of ballet performance alive.



  1. Thank you for writing so nicely about this design. There was a small element of Degas influence here. The sash, the flowers on the skirt and the choker. I simply adore the beautiful Tutu Designs in Degas paintings.

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