Tutu Dresses For Women

What Exactly Is A Tutu Dress?

There is a lot of information available on the internet about tutu designs and styles. Searching for classical tutu’s  on the web is fairly easy and most of the time the search results that are given will bring you to a legitimate costume company that makes truly classical tutu’s with the short, multi-layered skirt design.

This morning I decided to search for tutu dresses for women. I basically ended up at the very same websites that sell classical tutu’s. Classical tutu’s with short skirts are being described as “tutu dresses”.  On a classical tutu, the skirt sits at the hip-line. Technically, this is not a dress.

Dresses are garments with enough length to cover the mid-thigh at the very least. Ballet costumes with long skirts made out of floaty, lightweight materials are romantic tutus. A long tutu skirt made from layers of soft tulle is the only true classification of a tutu dress.

A professional, well constructed tutu dress is truly a thing of beauty and watching a ballerina dance in one is a lovely experience…

Gelsey Kirkland wearing a beautiful tutu dress
Gelsey Kirkland wearing a classical full-length tutu dress


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