Classical Tutu Skirt TLC

The fittings are over. You now have a fully constructed classical tutu skirt that is ready to be picked up and brought home. What are some of the best ways to ensure that your newly created costume will make it to the performance in tip-top shape? Following these classical tutu-tips will keep that costume looking as pretty as the day you picked it up.

  • If you can, carry your costume in a professional tutu-carrier. These specially designed bags are shaped like the tutu skirt to prevent crushing and will protect the costume from getting soiled.
  • Prepare enough space in advance for storing your costume. Classical tutu skirts take up room and can become crushed and wrinkled if forced into a too-small closet.
  • Most tutu disasters are caused by carelessness and an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Avoid having food and drink  in the dressing room area unless it is water only.
  • Before handling the costume, make sure you have clean hands and that anyone assisting you into your costume has clean hands also.
  • Be aware of your stage make-up and the possibility of make-up rubbing off onto the costume.
  • Never wear jewelry with your tutu. Bracelets, rings, watches, hair brushes, combs, and fingernails can snag on the embellishments of a costume.
  • Walk carefully backstage where there are plenty of opportunities to rip your costume.
  • Always give your tutu plenty of room during storage and be careful where you lay it down.

All of these common sense tutu-tips will help keep your beautiful classical tutu looking like a winner.

Classical Tutu Skirt
Please Take Good Care Of Me


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