Dance Recital Costumes-Act II

Every year, millions of dance recital costumes are ordered, fitted, and danced in during  stage performances all over the world. After the final curtain comes down and the show is over, what becomes of all those dance recital costumes? I decided to do some research to try to find out what dancers do with their old recital costumes.

Dance Recital Costume
Costume Creations.UK

I found some very interesting facts about used recital costumes and some of the options dancers have when trying to decide what to do with old costumes. These are some of the options that dancers are using to give their used recital costumes a second life:

  • Selling them on e-Bay
  • Finding local dance stores that will purchase them
  • Selling them at flea markets and garage sales for use as Halloween costumes
  • Listing them for sale in dance forums and ballet directories
  • Donating them to local drama clubs and theaters
  • Donating or selling them to costume rental companies
  • Recycling the costume

I happen to love the last idea. Sentimental mothers take apart the costumes and make beautiful memory quilts incorporating pieces of every old dance costume into a beautiful family heirloom. Dance costumes usually have decorative details like sequins, trims, beads, and other embellishments that can be made into something original and lovely.

You can get more information about how to recycle old dance costumes in this article.



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