Classical Tutu Design Ideas-Look To The Stage

Anyone who spends anytime at all on the internet searching for classical tutu design ideas may come away with a head full of unique ideas for classical tutu construction. There are thousands of themes and costume ideas being created in the minds of professional and not-so-professional tutu designers.

Just today, I came across design ideas for tutu’s that include:

  • Animal prints and animal inspired ballet costumes (Not Swan Lake, but Frogs and Zebra’s)
  • Flower petals and stems hot-glued onto a leotard with strips of tulle
  • Bells attached all over the costume
  • Wedding dress look-a likes
  • Half-tutus attached to cut-off denim skirts

There are so many different ways to construct  dance costumes on the internet! Searching for a classical tutu design is better inspired by viewing a classic and historic ballet performance where the ballerinas are wearing real classical tutu designs.

Most of the tutu design ideas are not classical at all. They are fun to make  and they create a fashion statement for the wearer, but a short denim skirt with tulle sewn to the bottom half is anything but a classical tutu design.

Classical Tutu Design
Classical Tutu Design
Poorly constructed tulle tutu skirt
Un-classical and un-attractive


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