Lilac Fairies And Lavender Dreams

Classical Ballet Tutu-Airbrushed Tutu SkirtClassical Ballet Tutu’s And The Magic Of Airbrush Design

When this gorgeous classical ballet tutu was completed by Costume Creations, I was only one of many people waiting to see a photo of the finished costume. We were anticipating this design with impatience because the tutu skirt was going to be airbrushed.

When this ballet costume was finally ready for viewing, everyone who saw the photo was in awe of the beauty of this costume. The airbrushing effect on the tutu skirt was simply stunning.

Airbrushing is a painting technique that uses a specially designed sprayer or “gun” to apply color on a surface to achieve a certain effect. Airbrush painting technique is not something that someone can learn overnight. It takes skill to know how to properly use an airbrush gun, mix the right consistency of the paint, and to apply the color in even layers.

This ballet tutu resembles a beautiful hand-dipped purple rose or a flower petal from the lavender fields of France. The airbrush design on this gorgeous tutu gives it such a three-dimensional look, that I can almost smell the scent of lilacs just by looking at the photo…..

airbrushed ballet tutulilac roses



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