Pancake Tutus-Are They A Flop?

Classical Vs. Pancake Style Tutus

I want to compare the  two different styles of ballet tutu skirts  that a dancer can wear during a performance; a classical tutu skirt made by using many layers of graded tulle, or the more modern “pancake” version that consists of one flat piece of material which indeed gives it that pancake look.

For ballet lovers who embrace the old traditions of ballet costuming and construction, pancake-style tutus can resemble something from outer space. Pancake tutus have sharp, abrupt lines and are known for being used in more modern types of ballet choreography.

The traditional Russian-style pancake tutu is stiffer and sits at a sharper angle to the ballerinas body than a regular classical tutu, but still has graded layers of tulle that make it look so appealing on stage. The pancake tutus I have trouble getting used to are those super-modern versions that are made out of leather or even rubber.

Tutu Design Of The Future?

The model in this photo is wearing an ultra-modern interpretation of a pancake-style tutu. These designs are meant to be edgy and a little bit rough.

I love the softness of classically designed tutus and find very little appeal in watching a ballerina dance in a black rubber tutu skirt. This is my personal preference only and not intended to discredit modern tutu design.

There are certain reasons why costumes are designed this way and you can get more information about this by reading this article. Anything that falls out of the “norm” in the traditional thinking ballet world can take ages to accept. I only know that for me, it is the fluffy, multi-layered tulle skirt that I find most lovely of all. Somehow, black rubber and ballet clash in my mind…….


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  1. I agree with you – I like the beautiful appearance of a perfect classical tutu. I think the Maryinsky and the Bolshoi achieve the pinnacle in this. I strive to be as good. I would love to get my hands on a tutu made at the Maryinsky!!!!

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