Tutu’s With All The Trimmings

tutu bodice with trimThe Razzle-Dazzle Of Ballet Costume Trims

One of the most dramatic parts of a fully completed dance costume is the application of different kinds of trims on the costume. Nothing says magic more than theater lighting reflecting rainbows of light from the dancer’s costume as she moves.

Trims can take many different forms, and some of them are easier to apply than others. The easiest trims to apply are those that are already fully decorated and all you have to do is apply the trim in the right places using the right measurements.

Other trims start out as plain binding and have hand-worked decorations placed on them for a one of a kind look.

The most tedious and time-consuming types of trim are the individual beads and light-reflecting crystals that must be sewn on one at a time. Of course, these are the prettiest of all!

The different types of trims that can be used for dance costumes are quite extensive.

Dance costume trims can be made out of Swarovski crystals, glass beading, rhinestones, velvet, lace, hand embroidered cotton, silk flowers, ribbons, fringes, sequins, and many more. The only kind of trimming that may not go well with a classical ballet costume would be the trimming from Thanksgiving Dinner which could cause the costume to become  too tight. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one…..

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  1. You are so right – the decoration is definately the fun part! You are right about the Dinners too! Every dancer must make these sacrifices if they want their costume to look the best – like it or not it applies to every one of us!

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