Ballet Performances That Require White Classical Tutus

white classical tutu
White Classical Tutu Designed By Costume Creations.UK

What Ballets Typically Require White Classical Tutus?

Because ballet tells a story with movement and not with words, every single aspect of non-verbal communication must be maximized .

Stage hands will adjust lighting to set moods and create a certain ambiance in the theater atmosphere. Backdrop designers will set the scene for the ballet depending upon the story.

Costumes will be chosen that fit in with the story line of the ballet. If a ballet has a fiery, Spanish theme, the chances are good that the tutu chosen for that scene will also be a fiery color, like deep red.

Think of the Firebird ballet. It just wouldn’t be the same if the ballerina wore a white tutu to represent a Firebird. Color speaks to our emotions and that is why ballet costume color choice is such an important part of the performance itself.

White classical tutus can be chosen for a performance for several reasons. Ballet performances that use a very darkened theater and want to create a dramatic effect will dress the dancers in very white costumes for contrast. The other reason may be to portray purity or to mimic the true color of an animal, such as a swan.

Agnes Letestu Creates A Dramatic Effect Wearing A White Classical Tutu In A Darkened Theater

As you watch this stunning performance, you should ask yourself if the performance would be as dramatic if Agnes Letestu was wearing a darker ballet costume. It is the white color of her costume that makes this ballet so magical, not to mention her awesome technique! Other ballets that typically choose white costumes for the ballerina are:

  • SWAN LAKE: The part of the white swans must, of course, have white classical tutus
  • DIAMONDS in the Balanchine Ballet Jewels
  • ETUDES: A ballet by Danish Choreographer Harold Lander
  • LE GRANDE PAS CLASSIQUE: Russian pas de deux
  • NUTCRACKER: Snowflakes
  • AURORA: Wedding scene
  • RAYMONDA Act 3

This list of ballets didn’t take much researching. I simply asked Monica of Costume Creations. Not only does she make performance ready costumes; she knows what performances the costumes are ready for. Amazing!



  1. This is such a nice article – what a lovely theme – all in white. Do you know the Maryinsky have the Vaganova children dressed in white to symbolise the purity of ballet.

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