Kids Costumes-Great Things Come In Small Packages

baby ballet tutuThis young ballerina-in-the-making sure looks beautiful in her custom-made ballet costume. She was probably very excited at the prospect of  looking just like the older, more advanced dancers at her ballet school.

I have seen kids costumes on the internet and not all of them are exactly professional looking. Some ballet costume designers make costumes for children as a “themed” dance outfit.

These costumes consist of little more than a wrap-around skirt and matching top. A kids costume like this is really more appropriate for play or make-believe than for something a very young ballet student would wear in a recital.

You may ask if taking a child so young to be fitted for a custom-made ballet costume is even worth it. After all, at this age most ballet students are still pre-ballet and have yet to learn to point their feet correctly!

The answer is most definitely yes.  Proper ballet training always dictates that the sooner a student can understand and respect the traditions of the ballet world the better By learning how to carry herself and perform her movements while wearing the traditional ballet costume, the tiniest dancers are learning how to look, walk, dance, and move like professional ballerinas.

Not only will she learn how to carry herself, but she will learn to become accustomed to costume fittings. This will teach the young dancer patience and will also help her to understand the different parts of her costume.