6 comments on “What Makes A Ballet Costume Classical?

  1. I have one question……in you article you talk about using tulle……….I was taught to use tutu/English net. I will add tulle into the layers if I want a different effect, or have a surprise of the dancer jumps or is in a life, etc

  2. Blog posts on Tutu-Love are written by an American writer, who, at times, will use “Americanisms” instead of proper U.K. English.

    I am not a tutu maker nor do I use all the “lingo” associated with this profession. I simply call the fluffy part of the skirt “tulle” not netting.

  3. Yes you are right , many people call tutu net tulle, it was the original terminoligy, as you say it is a descriptive article about tutus not an instructional on tutu making.

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