Dancewear For Girls- Freedom Of Movement On Stage

Freedom And True Self-Expression Come When The Dancer Can Move Unhindered In Her Dancewear

Making dancewear like this can seem simple. After all, this dance outfit doesn’t have layer after layer of hand-pleated tulle. It doesn’t have yards of intricate beading and miles of hand embroidery. It should be quite easy to create a dance costume like this, right?

Not exactly. Costumes that are made by hand are made specifically for the measurements and needs of the client. The needs of the dancer are always factored in to the creation process.

When you look at the dancer in this photo, notice how much movement the sleeve caps allow. If those sleeves were just a little too tight, she would feel restricted in her movements. The length of the  garment has to sit correctly on the body.

Notice how the skirt sits in proper proportion to the hips.  The leg openings were adjusted for her hip structure. To a dancer getting ready for a performance, having a well-fitting, functional, and professional looking costume to get into gives her the extra boost of confidence she needs to wow the audience.



  1. Thank you – this costume was made to look as light as a feather – miniscule sequins were hand sewn around the bottom of the skirt and the sleeves to create sparkle without weight.

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