Dancewear With A Difference

Anyone who is a dancer, or aspires to be one, has, at one time or another, dreamed of wearing a ballet costume so beautiful, so mesmerizing, that the audience begins tossing flowers on the stage before the dancing has begun.

In this dream, the ballerina is wearing a costume that someone custom-made just for her. The fit is impeccable, the tailoring unique, the embellishments applied with precision and attention to detail.

Just where can a dancer go if she is looking to make her dreams come true wearing a design made only for her? She needs to find a reputable designer who will meet or exceed her expectations.

One such designer is Monica Newell, owner and Head Designer of Costume Creations. Monica works tirelessly in her design studio handcrafting all of her costumes to make her clients look incredibly beautiful and professional.

With over 20 years experience in the dancewear design business, Monica has perfected the craft of creating visual masterpieces that accentuate the very best features of her clientele.

It must be very rewarding to custom make a theatrical ensemble for a dancer and then see them in a photo displaying their amazing talents while wearing your design.


  1. I loved having this costume! Do you remember how long all the arm jewels took! I felt so proud wearing it!

  2. I think the subject of arm jewels would make a very interesting article. There are probably many people who don’t know much about them (including me). I would be fascinated to learn about the history and reason behind using arm jewels on a dance costume.

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